What does it mean to not be allowed?


Sometimes people make outrageous mistakes.
Some people make the same mistake over and over again. It will eventually become an irreparable situation. Today, let’s think about “disallowed”. No one wants to see the letter disallowed. You may no longer be able to stay in Japan. The career, relationships, and experience you have built are wasted. Couples are sometimes separated by state power. Sometimes families are separated.

Once you are disallowed, it is difficult to overturn it. Look at the disallowed notice. Bottom. There is the name and seal of the Director of Immigration. It is a decision as an organization. Therefore, there is no point in applying twice or three times. that you re-apply and it is allowed will make them recognize that their previous decision was wrong. It also means that the decision was wrong as an organization. (Someone is taken responsibility) This is a difficult thing.

So the first application is very important. Once you fail, your next application will require more than twice as much time and effort. Failure twice will require more than three times more time and money. Don’t forget. The first application is the most important.

We have done what other immigration lawyers can’t do. Other stupid immigration lawyers fail, and clients ask another stupid immigration lawyer to fail again. The client fails many times. then We have solved a messed-up deal. It takes a lot of effort. If you had consulted us from the beginning, time and money would have been less than half.

Let me say it again. The first application is the most important. Don’t think about doing it yourself or ask just cheap stupid immigration lawyers, especially if you can’t make a mistake.

And if you make a mistake at all, talk to us right away. Thank you.

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