What does it mean to not be allowed?

Sometimes people make outrageous mistakes.
Some people make the same mistake over and over again. It will eventually become an irreparable situation. Today, let’s think about “disallowed”. No one wants to see the letter disallowed. You may no longer be able to stay in Japan. The career, relationships, and experience you have built are wasted. Couples are sometimes separated by state power. Sometimes families are separated.

Once you are disallowed, it is difficult to overturn it. Look at the disallowed notice. Bottom. There is the name and seal of the Director of Immigration. It is a decision as an organization. Therefore, there is no point in applying twice or three times. that you re-apply and it is allowed will make them recognize that their previous decision was wrong. It also means that the decision was wrong as an organization. (Someone is taken responsibility) This is a difficult thing.

So the first application is very important. Once you fail, your next application will require more than twice as much time and effort. Failure twice will require more than three times more time and money. Don’t forget. The first application is the most important.

We have done what other immigration lawyers can’t do. Other stupid immigration lawyers fail, and clients ask another stupid immigration lawyer to fail again. The client fails many times. then We have solved a messed-up deal. It takes a lot of effort. If you had consulted us from the beginning, time and money would have been less than half.

Let me say it again. The first application is the most important. Don’t think about doing it yourself or ask just cheap stupid immigration lawyers, especially if you can’t make a mistake.

And if you make a mistake at all, talk to us right away. Thank you.

Marriage, separated, false application, arrested








A 23-year-old Chinese woman has been arrested. Her suspicion is that she made a false application. You have to be careful. She was legally married to a Japanese man. But then they were separated. And she did not tell the immigration about it.  Nevertheless, she applied for a visa renewal as living with her husband. And they were arrested. There is one more interesting thing. How does immigration know that they have been separated? how? The answer is that neighbors reported to the immigration office. Then they were arrested.

The point

  1. You will definitely be arrested if you are a fake marriage.
  2. If you apply for a spouse visa while you are divorced, it is a lie application. You will be arrested.
  3. You may be arrested if you are separated but do not tell the immigration office.
  4. You are being watched by neighbors. The reason is that 50,000 yen may be received from the immigration office. By telling your illegality.

Are you divorced but not switching visas? Are you living separately? You must immediately change to the appropriate status of residence. we can fix it. feel free to contact us.

Filipino’s remarriage problem

Can not get LCCM?

The Philippines is a country where divorce is not permitted.
However, according to Article 26, Paragraph 2 of the Family Law, when divorced from a foreigner, Filipinos are allowed to remarry.
In other words, in the case of international marriage, divorce has become practically acceptable.


Article 26.
Where a marriage between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner is validly celebrated and a divorce is thereafter validly obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating him or her to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall have capacity to remarry under Philippine law.

There are a couple of cases where marriage was approved when marriage execution place was made into Japan without obtaining the divorce decision sentence sentence of the Philippine court.

1: When CNO is attached,
2: When a certificate is attached,
3: In cases where other materials can prove that both of them do not attach but meet the requirements of remarriage under Article 26, paragraph 2 of family law etc.

Either way, from December 1, 2012, reports on the fact of marriage to the home country Philippines cease to be accepted.


In brief, you can officially divorce in Japan. However, due to the next marriage, you can not acquire the LCCM. This is the biggest problem.
But in conclusion, if you ask us, these will be possible.

For this, it is necessary to interpret and reconstruct the Philippine family law. Originally, it is the work of the Philippine legislature. But in Japan here we have to do what we can do. And it is possible.


divorce must be officially established in Japan.
It is necessary to have a connection with record in pre – married Philippines and record of divorce in Japan.
We can solve this problem.
It is a method that can be used only when Filipino married foreigners and divorced.
The remarriage partner can be Japanese, Filipino, or any other nationality.





原則として,フィリピンでは再婚が認めれていません。 そのため,日本人と婚姻関係にあったフィリピン人が離婚し,再婚する際に問題になります。 具体的には婚姻要件具備証明書が取得できないのです。 婚姻要件具備証明書が取得できないと,日本国内において婚姻を有効に成立させることができず,有効に婚姻が成立しないということは,入国管理局へ日本人配偶者等の在留資格を申請することも当然にできないということです。 弊所ではこの問題を解決することができますので,お気軽にご相談ください。


  1. フィリピン人の相手方(前婚)が日本人であった場合で,再婚相手が日本人の場合
  2. フィリピン人の相手方(前婚)が日本人であった場合で,再婚相手がフィリピン人の場合
  3. フィリピン人の相手方(前婚)が外国人であった場合で,再婚相手が外国人の場合


Spouse visa Required documents

The Application of the Certificate of Eligibility (Spouse or Child of Japanese)


○The applicant means the foreign national who hopes for the entry and the residence in Japan



1 Application Form for the certificate of Eligibility (COE)


2 Photo(4cm ×3cm)

※ Your head must directly face the camera with no hat or no head covering, with no background, taking in the last 3 months before the application.

※ Please fill out your name on the back of photo and attach it on the photograph field.   


3 Family Registration(The Certificate of All present matters) for Spouse (Japanese)


  • The document which the relationship relation to marriage with the applicant is listed. If not, you must submit the family registration in addition to the certificate of acceptance of marriage report.
  • Please submit the document issued within the last 3 month.


4 Certificate of Marriage issued from national institution of the applicant

  • If the applicant is Korean nationality and the family registration is issued, you can submit it issued by foreign institution.


5 Certificate of Residential tax (or Tax Exemption) and Tax Payment Certificate (total income of one year and the statement of tax paying are described)

  • These documents are issued in the ward hall, city hall and town hall where you live in.

※ If both the total income of one year and tax paying( whether you pay tax or not) is described, either one of the documents is fine.

※ Please submit the document issued within the last 3 months.

  • If you have unpaid tax, you apply for the COE after it is done, If not, you might be judged that you are in the situation of poverty or have no law abiding spirit.
  • The applicant who has a low income needs negotiation.


6 Letter of Guarantee

※ Guarantee would be a spouse (Japanese) who reside in. 

  • A Spouse, Japanese must be guarantee, not replacing a relative.


7 The Copy of Certificate of Residence listing the whole household of Spouse (Japanese)

※ You can leave out a personal number (my number), but please be ready for the document that all information was filled out except it.

※ Please submit the paper issued within the last 3 months.


8 Questionnaire

※ This form is revised in June 6, 2018. Please submit a renewal one.

  • This form is inspected with the details of the language that a couple use, the proficiency, the history of marriage and the history for past entry or departure 

Questionnaire(English)【PDF】 Questionnaire(Chinese・Simplified letter)【PDF】 Questionnaire(Chinese・Traditional letter)【PDF】
Questionnaire(Korean)【PDF】 Questionnaire(Portuguese)【PDF】 Questionnaire(Spanish)【PDF】
質問書(Tagalog)【PDF】 Questionnaire(Vietnamese)【PDF】 Questionnaire(Thai)【PDF】

9 Snapshots of A Married Couple (A picture of a couple and the appearance looks so visible) 2 to 3 photos


10 A return-Mail Envelop affixed with stamp (392 yen)

 ※ Please fill out address in advance


11 Others

  • Seal ( Inkan in Japanese)
  • ID (The documents of identification)

 For more information, please contact us.






1 在留資格認定証明書交付申請書 1通


2 写真(縦4cm×横3cm) 1葉
※ 申請前3か月以内に正面から撮影された無帽,無背景で鮮明なもの。
※ 写真の裏面に申請人の氏名を記載し,申請書の写真欄に貼付して下さい。


3 配偶者(日本人)の方の戸籍謄本(全部事項証明書) 1通
※ 申請人との婚姻事実の記載があるもの。婚姻事実の記載がない場合には,戸籍謄本に加え婚姻届出受理証明書の提出をしていただきます。
※ 発行日から3か月以内のものを提出して下さい。


4 申請人の国籍国(外国)の機関から発行された結婚証明書 1通
※ 申請人が韓国籍等で戸籍謄本が発行される場合には,お二方の婚姻が記載された外国機関発行の戸籍謄本の提出でも差し支えありません。


5 配偶者(日本人)の住民税の課税(又は非課税)証明書及び納税証明書(1年間の総所得及び納税状況が記載されたもの) 各1通
※ 1月1日現在お住まいの市区町村の区役所・市役所・役場から発行されます。
※ 1年間の総所得及び納税状況(税金を納めているかどうか)の両方が記載されている証明書であれば,いずれか一方でかまいません。
※ 発行日から3か月以内のものを提出して下さい。

  • 未納の税金がある方は支払ってから申請すること。貧困状態か遵法精神がないと判断される可能性があります。
  • 年収の少ない方はご相談ください。


6 配偶者(日本人)の身元保証書 1通
※ 身元保証人には,日本に居住する配偶者(日本人)になっていただきます。

  • 日本人である配偶者は必ず身元保証人になる必要があり、親族で代用はできません。


7 配偶者(日本人)の世帯全員の記載のある住民票の写し 1通
※ 個人番号(マイナンバー)については省略し,他の事項については省略のないものとするようお願いします。
※ 発行日から3か月以内のものを提出して下さい。


8 質問書 1通
※ 平成29年6月6日に様式を改訂しています。新様式による提出をお願いします。

  • 夫婦が日常会話で用いる言語やその習熟度、結婚に至る経緯、過去の出入国歴等細かく確認されます。

質問書(英語)【PDF】 質問書(中国語・簡体字)【PDF】 質問書(中国語・繁体字)【PDF】
質問書(韓国語)【PDF】 質問書(ポルトガル語)【PDF】 質問書(スペイン語)【PDF】
質問書(タガログ語)【PDF】 質問書(ベトナム語)【PDF】 質問書(タイ語)【PDF】

9 スナップ写真(夫婦で写っており,容姿がはっきり確認できるもの)2~3葉


10 392円切手(簡易書留用)を貼付した返信用封筒
※ 返信用封筒には,あらかじめ宛先を記載して下さい。


11 その他
(1) 身元保証人の印鑑
(2) 身分を証する文書等 提示