New status of residence beginning in 2019

A new status of residence

A new status of residence will begin from 2019.
It is called specific skill. 特定技能 (Tokutei gino)

  • It is to cope with a serious staff shortage. Accept foreign experts who have certain expertise and skills and become immediate fighting strength.
  • The level of Japanese proficiency is to be able to conduct everyday conversation. It is based on having ability to the extent that there is no obstacle to life. Confirm by examination etc. determined in consideration of the level of capability necessary for business in each receiving field


Tokutei gino #1

Foreign nationals with skill that requires considerable knowledge or experience

  • Family membership is basically not admitted
  •  Maximum 5 years maximum


Tokutei gino#2

Foreigner who passes advanced exam and proficient skill

  • Can live with family such as a spouse or a child.
  • The period of stay is 5 years maximum.It is possible to update the period of stay without restriction on the number of times.



Regarding areas that are deemed to have solved the shortage of manpower, we will take measures to suspend or cancel new acceptance.
So far, the status of residence for work purposes has been limited to "highly specialized human resources".
The creation of this new status of residence will be a major policy change that also deals with de facto simple labor.



Japan was determined to have the following policies.

  • Do not accept workers from countries that refuse to repatriate foreigners who were forcibly withdrawn from Japan.
  • In countries where there are many illegal residents or applications for refugee recognition for illegal work, they make a strict inspection.






  • 深刻な人手不足に対応するため,一定の専門性・技能を有し即戦力となる外国人材を受け入れる



  • 生産性の向上や国内人材確保のための取組を行ってもなお,当該分野の存続のために外国人材が必要と認められる分野



  • 技能水準は,受入れ分野で即戦力として活動するために必要な知識又は経験を有することとし,業所管省庁が定める試験等によって確認する
  • 日本語能力水準は,ある程度日常会話ができ,生活に支障がない程度の能力を有することを基本としつつ,受入れ分野ごとに業務上必要な能力水準を考慮して定める試験等によって確認する
  • 技能実習2号を修了した者は,上記試験等を免除



  • 在外公館等を通じて,制度の周知・広報等,有為な人材確保のための取組を行う
  • 関係行政機関が連携して,悪質な仲介業者等の介在の防止策を講じる



  • 入国・在留審査において,適切な就労活動を行うための措置がとられていることを確認する
  • 必要な情報を収集し,問題があれば関係行政機関と連携して,適切に対応する



  • 本制度がその趣旨・目的に沿って適正に運用され,外国人材の適正な在留活動を確保する責務がある
  • 受入れ機関は,特定技能1号外国人材に対する支援が適切になされることを確保する責務がある