These rewards are a common example. Please contact us for more information. (Consumption tax is not included.)

Application for certificate of eligibility

(Inviting foreign nationals to Japan)


150,000円(work etc)~

180,000円(spouse etc)~

Application for change of status of residence

(When foreign nationals change the status of visa in business or marriage)



150,000円(work etc)~

180,000円(spouse etc)~

300,000円~ (Business visa)

Application for extension of period of stay

(No unforeseeable change of circumstances)



Application for extension of period of stay

(Unforeseeable change of circumstances: when foreign nationals change business or spouse)




Application for permission to acquire status of residence



Application for temporary visitors



Application for certificate of authorized employment

就労資格証明書交付申請 (転職した時)


Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted

(When foreign nationals want to do a part-time job)

資格外活動許可申請 (アルバイト等をしたいとき)


Application for permanent residence



Application for naturalization



Marriage proceedings in Japan

Proof of marriage requirement provision. (Even if LCCM can not be acquired, there is no problem)

日本での婚姻手続サポート 婚姻要件具備の立証



Translation of the documents



6,000yen per one page

(Free of charge when another application is filed at the same time)


*When we prepare for these required documents at city/ward hall, the additional service fee is around 40,000 yen. *日本の役所にて必要書類をこちらで収集する場合は+35,000円
*Besides this, consumption tax will be added. *消費税が別途加算されます。
*Fees required for immigration, expenses etc. may be required separately. *入管で必要な経費,交通費等の雑費は別途必要な場合があります。
*If you lie or commit a crime, we will not accept any refund. *虚偽の申請・情報提供等の場合,犯罪を犯した場合等によって業務の遂行が困難となった場合,一切の返金には応じません。
*After a certain period of time has passed, we will not accept changes to the request contents due to the client’s circumstances change. *一定期間経過後は依頼主の事情変更による依頼内容の変更は受け付けません。(例:永住権申請を受任していたが,1か月後にやはり帰化にしてくれ等の要求にはお応えできません。)
*Projects that have been disallowed in the past, changes from a 30-day visa, changes from the time of refugee application, these will be added 100,000 yen each. (過去に不許可になっている場合,出国準備中からの変更申請,難民申請中から変更申請等はそれぞれ別途10万円加算される場合があります。)
*In some cases, full post-payment is also available. In that case, 30% will be added. (事情によっては全額後払いも承りますが,30%の加算となります。)
*If you have a criminal record within the last 2 years, you will be fully prepaid. (直近2年以内に犯罪歴がある場合は全額前払いとなります。)
*Regarding work visas, in the case of convenience stores, restaurants, factories, etc., the proof material will be complicated, so about 30,000 yen will be added. (就労ビザ コンビニ,飲食店,特定技能がある職種を主とする事業に関しては,立証資料が複雑になるため,概ね3万円を加算させていただきます。)


For more details, please contact us.



FAQ about fee

  • The consultation fee is 15,000 yen per hour.
  • If you have officially asked us, the initial consultation fee shall be included in the fee. (However, it is limited to two weeks from the first consultation.)
  • Please pay half of the remuneration as a starting payment. And, if VISA is permitted, please pay the balance.
  • If VISA is not permitted, we will re-apply. This will not cost you.


We are a professional of immigration law. It is also a professional in administrative procedures. We will do our best to solve the problem. There are several members here, but we will state who is responsible for the case. However, please understand that information is shared among members for reasonable and quick solution. If you do not want it, please tell us who you would like to ask. In that case, the information will not be shared.