About Japanese Language Test for Naturalization


To naturalize, you need a minimum of Japanese language ability. That is the level of about 2nd-grade elementary school.

However, there are cases where the Japanese language test is not actually conducted. so. Sometimes they don’t conduct Japanese language tests.

The reason is not publicized.
However, we can say some things from our experience.

1: Motivation documents are the most important.
2: The conversation with the examiner is already a test.

I will explain in a little more detail. First, about 1. If the content of the motivational document is good, they may not carry out the test. Because this motivational document has to be prepared by hand. In short, officials of the Ministry of Justice can see your Japanese language ability by looking at this motivational document.

About 2. At the final application, you go to the Ministry of Justice with us. At that time, the Ministry of Justice officials will ask you some questions. This would seem like a normal conversation. However, in practice, testing has begun at this time. If they judge that your Japanese is fluent, Japanese tests may not be conducted.

Perfect motivation documents, and some conversations between you and the Ministry of Justice officials. It seems that these are the judgment materials to Whether to conduct a Japanese language test.

In any case, there is no clear rule. Perfect motivation documents, perfect  conversations, and even Japanese tests may be conducted. Even if the Japanese language test is not conducted, there is no change in what you should master the Japanese language in the near future. Because you are naturalized and become Japanese.

We have seen many failures. They had problems with their motivational documents. They just write about themselves without understanding the purpose of this document. Or asked a migrant lawyer who is not good enough. Then it fails. And come to us.

We interview you enough and make perfect motivational documents.
So you don’t have to worry about the content of your motivational documents.

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