Marriage, separated, false application, arrested








A 23-year-old Chinese woman has been arrested. Her suspicion is that she made a false application. You have to be careful. She was legally married to a Japanese man. But then they were separated. And she did not tell the immigration about it.  Nevertheless, she applied for a visa renewal as living with her husband. And they were arrested. There is one more interesting thing. How does immigration know that they have been separated? how? The answer is that neighbors reported to the immigration office. Then they were arrested.

The point

  1. You will definitely be arrested if you are a fake marriage.
  2. If you apply for a spouse visa while you are divorced, it is a lie application. You will be arrested.
  3. You may be arrested if you are separated but do not tell the immigration office.
  4. You are being watched by neighbors. The reason is that 50,000 yen may be received from the immigration office. By telling your illegality.

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