Permanent resident requirement 2 Independent living


Requirements for permanent residence. Part 2 Independent living.
What is independent livelihood? To say simple, you will not be burdened by the public. You have a job and have enough income.
To be more specific. You have not received welfare protection.
Japan will not give permanent resident rights to people who seek welfare protection.

About assets and annual income.

Annual income is more important than your deposit savings amount. Even with a savings of 10 million yen, if the annual income is 2 million yen, it will be difficult to acquire permanent residence rights. The savings are small, but the possibility is higher if the annual income is 3 million yen or more. Flow is more important than stock.

So, borrow money from parents and friends and put it in the bank, there is no point. You need job and sufficient income.

How much annual income is needed?

If you are single, roughly 3 million yen. If it is lower than this, the permission rate becomes extremely low.
If you have a spouse or if you have children, please add over 600,000 yen for each additional family member.

In the case of a family of four, you, a spouse and two children. An annual income of at least 4.8 million yen is necessary.
However, it is not necessary to be an independent annual income.
In other words, household annual income should be 4.8 million yen.
For example, even if your annual income is 3 million yen and the spouse’s annual income is 1.8 million yen, it fulfills the requirement.













例えば,預貯金が1000万円あって,年収が200万円の人と,貯金はあまりないが,年収が400万円の人だとどちらが有利だと思いますか? 実務上は,預貯金額よりも年収の方が重視される傾向にあります。ストックよりもフローの方が重視されるわけですね。

では,実際問題として,年収はいかほどあれば良いのでしょうか? 単身の場合,概ね300万円程度と考えてください。年収が300万円以下の場合,許可率は極端に低くなります。




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About permission for permanent residence.
In Article 22 of the Immigration Control Act, Regarding the legal requirements of permission for permanent residence,

1 Goodness requirements,
2 Independent livelihood requirements,
3 National interest requirement

There are only three descriptions. However, in practice this alone is not allowed.

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