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Marriage with Japanese


If you marry a Japanese and get a spouse visa, you can live in Japan in a stable manner. You are free to do any work, and there is no time limit. In addition, social credibility also increases. If you are a woman and have children, you will be protected from the government as a Japanese mother. In addition, it will be easier to acquire permanent residence in the future.

They doubt you

fake marriage

The problem is that the Civil Code and the Immigration Act may be treated differently. In other words, your marriage is suspected. Your marriage is legal under the Civil Code. However, under the Immigration Act, it is judged to be a fake marriage. In that case, you can not obtain a spouse visa even though you are married. All these records will remain in the future, so you can not fail.

"Love should not be judged by the law"

we will take spouse visa for you.

Need to prove

We can understand the feeling that you are offended. Even though it is a true marriage, we must prove that this marriage is true. Yes. Certainly funny. However, if you do not prove it, your spouse visa application may be denied. But don't worry. We prepare everything perfectly.

other things

Older generations of Japanese are often negative to international marriage. So a family meeting may be held. You may also need a pre-marriage contract. In such cases we can help you.

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