What does it mean to not be allowed?

Sometimes people make outrageous mistakes.
Some people make the same mistake over and over again. It will eventually become an irreparable situation. Today, let’s think about “disallowed”. No one wants to see the letter disallowed. You may no longer be able to stay in Japan. The career, relationships, and experience you have built are wasted. Couples are sometimes separated by state power. Sometimes families are separated.

Once you are disallowed, it is difficult to overturn it. Look at the disallowed notice. Bottom. There is the name and seal of the Director of Immigration. It is a decision as an organization. Therefore, there is no point in applying twice or three times. that you re-apply and it is allowed will make them recognize that their previous decision was wrong. It also means that the decision was wrong as an organization. (Someone is taken responsibility) This is a difficult thing.

So the first application is very important. Once you fail, your next application will require more than twice as much time and effort. Failure twice will require more than three times more time and money. Don’t forget. The first application is the most important.

We have done what other immigration lawyers can’t do. Other stupid immigration lawyers fail, and clients ask another stupid immigration lawyer to fail again. The client fails many times. then We have solved a messed-up deal. It takes a lot of effort. If you had consulted us from the beginning, time and money would have been less than half.

Let me say it again. The first application is the most important. Don’t think about doing it yourself or ask just cheap stupid immigration lawyers, especially if you can’t make a mistake.

And if you make a mistake at all, talk to us right away. Thank you.

about Permanent Residence 2019

Latest information on permanent residence applications. The guidelines were changed in May 2019. You have to pay your pension and health insurance for the past two years.  and It is not enough just to pay. They check when you paid for it. In other words, they make sure you are the one who obeys the rules. Therefore, even if you pay the past two years at a time, it is not trusted. (Of course, better than not paying) every time you have to pay on time. No matter how high your annual income is, it is impossible to obtain permanent residency if you do not pay your pension.

Maybe you have a friend who has obtained permanent residency. He may not have paid his pension. But that was an old story. At present, the Immigration Bureau’s attitude towards applying for permanent residence is very strict.

If you want to apply for permanent residence now, first, pay your pension and health insurance for the past two years. Then, set the automatic debit of the bank.
Because many people pay their pensions to obtain permanent residency, and then stop paying their pensions once they have their permanent residency. This has become a major social problem. Neither the municipality nor the immigration will allow these in the future.

Until last year, there was a chance lucky, but not anymore. You have to pay for everything you have to pay.


2 Reason Documents

Another important thing is the reason document. Why do you apply for permanent residence?

Once you apply for it yourself, you will be disallowed. And you ask a cheap immigration lawyer to disallow it for the second time, and many of those cases are brought to us.

With a 99% or higher probability, the reason document is not sufficient.
We are surprised at the fact that you and your cheap immigration lawyer submitted such terrible low-level reason documents to the immigration. It simply says your desires. There is no reason for the Japanese government or the Immigration To have you live permanently. You must consider what benefits of Japan by granting you permanent residency and how you can contribute to Japan. it is usually a professional job to make documents with these things accurately and with legal claims.

To summarize the above, please pay two years’ worth of pensions and insurance. (And taxes, of course) then ask a professional. You can get permanent residency.


about our fee

We are not the cheapest immigration lawyers. If you are just looking for a cheap immigration lawyer, don’t contact us. There are cheap immigration lawyers all over the place. They want a job, so please contact them. You are free to make decisions.

First of all, we want you to think about. Status of residence is very important to you. As long as you stay in Japan, this is important next to your life. Such important things should not be decided by the amount of money.

For example, some say that they want permanent residence. Then they come and tell us. There is an immigration law office cheaper than you.

So what? Of course, we know that. We are not fighting for the price but for the content of our work. We create documents that are more polite and accurate than any other immigration lawyer. And at least three people confirm it. Then we apply.

Furthermore, we do not use a fixed format. Cheap immigration lawyers use a fixed format. They don’t care who you are. They will reuse the fixed format for similar projects. In other words, only the name is rewritten. Therefore, the application often fails. What’s more, because they handle the case alone, no one even points out if it is wrong.

Still, are you concerned only with the low price?

Well, how many people fail to do so and return home every day? Please think about it.

OK, let’s be honest. We fix cases where cheap immigration lawyers fail. and we are sick of it. Please keep in mind only this. Once failed, it is difficult to fix it. It gets harder and harder. It takes a lot of effort to fix it. So the price will be higher. so this means You should have asked us from the beginning.

Cheap is good. surely. But there is a reason that it is cheap.

For example, Made in Japan is expensive but high-performance.
Made in China is cheap but has low performance. And it will need to be repaired soon. It’s the same thing. However, the status of residence is not a car or an electronic device. It has a direct effect on your stable life.

Let’s give some advice to you last. If you are still asking a cheap immigration lawyer, check the following 4 points.

1: Which university did you graduate from?
2: Are you from the law department?
3: How many years have you been doing this work?
4: Do you have a license?


* Do not ask someone who has not graduated from university for your important issues.  They are equivalent to mere messengers. * If he is not a law department, he cannot handle difficult cases. * There is a possibility that it is cheap because the experience point is not enough. * This is not joking. there is the case that you have been talked with him or her 6month. but he was just a part-time office worker with no license. and you never know it. sure it’s cheap.

Good decision and the right decision are pretty different. For your better future. We will do our best for you. Thank you.


about refugee 2019

First of all, we must tell you clearly. If you are our friend, you should not apply for refugee status. If our friend says to apply for refugee, we will beat him and stop it. because there is no future for refugee in Japan anymore.  if you apply refugee, it means you will clash your future your self. and for real refugees. Do not apply for the fake refugee to save them.


  1. Did you come with a tourist visa and apply for refugees?
  2. Did you have any visas before applying for a refugee visa?

the worst case is applying for a refugee while preparing to leave Japan. this case..You are treated almost the same as a criminal.

All rules were changed in January 2018 for as refugee applications. Now, Japanese society hates refugees. and Japanese all know that most refugees are fakes. And camouflaged refugees try to consume Japan. it getting social problems. In the near future, a camouflaged refugee hunt begins. By a crazy Japanese conservative. It is probably like a neo-Nazi.

also, a fake refugee cannot get a job. There are few companies that hire fake refugee as for simple work. And then it will go away. Because a new residence system starts. fake refugees become useless.

And you can not get work permits no matter how long you wait. The rules have changed. There is no point in being in Japan as a fake refugee. It is not good for you and for Japan. We advise camouflaged refugees. You are wasting your life. You should return home now.

Especially those who do not have a residence card. There is no bright future for you. Let’s think about the future firmly now. Sooner or later your visa will be terminated. This is certain.

A little advice for the end. For those who really want to change their status.
First, if you have a residence card and you have a work permit, you may be able to change to a work visa. But it is still very difficult.

Without a residence card, you can not do anything in the first place. Without a work permit, no one will be hired, so you should return to your country. After that, you should get COE again. But anyway, it’s very difficult.

The other way is to marry or do business, but all are very difficult. Because immigration suspects fake refugees do anything.

In some cases, even true marriages are suspected. As a result, there are people who can not get a marriage visa even though they are true marriages. Even though they are legally married under the Civil Code.
Besides, under company law, he legally established a company but sometimes cannot obtain a business visa.

In that case please consult with us. And do not think of doing it yourself. Once you fail, you are no longer hopeless.




How to Live in Japan

This is not a story of a difficult law. Please think this is just a daily conversation. We are professional in immigration law. so We receive similar consultation every day. Consultation on “How can I live in Japan?” Is one of them. We can understand that feeling well. Under the current legal system, you will get a working visa, or a student visa or a marriage visa. and most of these work visas, you need to be a college graduate. this is the usual way. (However, if your family already lives in Japan, there is also the possibility of a family stay visa.)

about a work visa, Sometimes, we are confused that someone misunderstands it. They get angry that they are not college graduates. It is not what we decided that a university degree is a requirement for a work visa. It is determined by law. And you must be hired first. And you must be hired first.

About how to obtain a student visa. It is common to enroll in a Japanese language school. However, please be careful as there are many terrible schools inside.

About marriage visa. If you get a marriage visa by marrying a Japanese or a permanent resident, that is very strong. However, please do not marry for a visa. It is illegal. Immigration Bureau doubts even true marriage. Prior to that, you may have to learn how to fall in love with the Japanese. Do you need lessons? For marriage visas, please consult with us.

The new Immigration Law will be enforced soon. In any case, you will have to take some sort of exam.

any questions?


Consultation that student visa can not be renewed


We would like to talk a bit about our recent feelings. Recently, one of the most frequent consultations is that” I could not renew my student visa.”

And most of the reason is overwork.

Most unauthorized cases are self-application. Or it is the result of believing in a stupid story of a person like your community’s boss. Anyway it is a result of hesitating a little remuneration to an Immigration lawyer.

The examination by the Immigration Bureau is getting more and more strict. You really should know.

Just because you did not have a problem before, next time is not the same.

In the first place, compliance with laws is the basis. If you want to work more than that, you can obtain individual permission. (Please talk to us about this.)
However, even if you overwork, what if there was a reason? In this case, you should create a reason document. But, most people do not know how to write this document and cannot write well. And, although you are in an illegal state, you apply and you will not be permitted.

Then, after being stamped on 30 days’ departure order stamp in your passport, you should understand that your status is in a bad situation. We worry that you may fall down in a panic and if so, you need to consult an Immigration lawyer. We strive to solve the problem, but as you have not prepared for anything at first application, it will be a very difficult matter. If you consulted us from the beginning, it may not have been a big problem.

Stability of your status of residence is the most important thing.

Stability of your status of residence is more important than money. If you cannot stay, you cannot study or work part-time. After all, if you decide to consult an Immigration lawyer, it is better to do so from the beginning. That way, we offer a low cost and the success rate is high. Please consult us at the early stage, especially if you are overworking.