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First of all, we must tell you clearly. If you are our friend, you should not apply for refugee status. If our friend says to apply for refugee, we will beat him and stop it. because there is no future for refugee in Japan anymore.  if you apply refugee, it means you will clash your future your self. and for real refugees. Do not apply for the fake refugee to save them.


  1. Did you come with a tourist visa and apply for refugees?
  2. Did you have any visas before applying for a refugee visa?

the worst case is applying for a refugee while preparing to leave Japan. this case..You are treated almost the same as a criminal.

All rules were changed in January 2018 for as refugee applications. Now, Japanese society hates refugees. and Japanese all know that most refugees are fakes. And camouflaged refugees try to consume Japan. it getting social problems. In the near future, a camouflaged refugee hunt begins. By a crazy Japanese conservative. It is probably like a neo-Nazi.

also, a fake refugee cannot get a job. There are few companies that hire fake refugee as for simple work. And then it will go away. Because a new residence system starts. fake refugees become useless.

And you can not get work permits no matter how long you wait. The rules have changed. There is no point in being in Japan as a fake refugee. It is not good for you and for Japan. We advise camouflaged refugees. You are wasting your life. You should return home now.

Especially those who do not have a residence card. There is no bright future for you. Let’s think about the future firmly now. Sooner or later your visa will be terminated. This is certain.

A little advice for the end. For those who really want to change their status.
First, if you have a residence card and you have a work permit, you may be able to change to a work visa. But it is still very difficult.

Without a residence card, you can not do anything in the first place. Without a work permit, no one will be hired, so you should return to your country. After that, you should get COE again. But anyway, it’s very difficult.

The other way is to marry or do business, but all are very difficult. Because immigration suspects fake refugees do anything.

In some cases, even true marriages are suspected. As a result, there are people who can not get a marriage visa even though they are true marriages. Even though they are legally married under the Civil Code.
Besides, under company law, he legally established a company but sometimes cannot obtain a business visa.

In that case please consult with us. And do not think of doing it yourself. Once you fail, you are no longer hopeless.




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