about Management visa

Learn the basics about management visas.

If you want to do business in Japan, you need to get a management visa. In general, the process is as follows:

(1) Business planning
(2) Rent an office.
(3) Create articles of incorporation.
(4) Capital of 5 million yen or more will be paid.(in your bank)
(5) Establish a company.
(6) Create business plan documents.
(7) Create websites, pamphlets, etc.
(8) Securing employees
(9) Apply for a visa

This is the simplest process, but it’s actually a little more complicated.

We support your business, from setting up a company, promotion and branding, not just getting a visa.

1: Talk to us about what kind of business you want to do. What license do you need for the business you want to do? For example, if you want to export your own car, you need a license as a secondhand dealer.
2: In any case, you will need an office. If you make your home an office, your management visa permit rate will decrease. We solve office problems as well.
3: Create and certify the Articles of Incorporation.
4: Minimum capital of 5 million yen is required. These days, you have to prove how you collected the capital. (Corporate Law, Immigration Law)
5: Registration of companies (Companies Act, Commercial Registration Act)
6: Create a full-fledged business plan. Writing your mere desires is not a business plan. Then, it is not possible to obtain a visa.
7: The website is very important. There is no company without a website. Immigration also naturally checks your company’s website. We will also arrange your company’s website. (Branding)
8: Contract with employees. It is the Labor Standards Act that should be noted at this time. The existence of a contract that violates the Labor Standards Law of Japan destroys everything. (Labor Standards Act, Civil Law)
9: Application for a Management Visa (Immigration Act)


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