To be a Japanese


get a Japanese passport

Be a Japanese

this is not same as PR

Naturalization means becoming Japanese. It is different from permanent residence application. To become Japanese is to obtain a Japanese passport, and you have citizenship and election rights.You are protected from the Japanese government and city hall as Japanese. You can exercise all rights as a Japanese. Your credit rating will increase dramatically. You can even make a loan and buy a house, or hold a high-status credit card. Japan is one of the most trusted countries in the world.Having a Japanese passport will help you wherever you go.

welcome to real Japan.

easy check list

5 years

Have you lived in Japan for more than 5 years? And three years was a work visa?


Do you pay taxes? No criminal record? Do you pay the pension?


Do you have a stable income?

Japanese ability

No problem if you have Japanese ability of around N3.


Dual citizenship is not permitted. Are you ready to become Japanese?

Naturalization success rate

our firm

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success rate 99%
Customer satisfaction
Customer satisfaction 100%

We can not accept cases that can not be naturalized. So the success rate is extremely high.


About Japanese language ability

Do you want to be Japanese? If so, it is natural to be able to do minimal Japanese. Specifically, it is fine if you have Japanese language ability of N3 level.

About Japanese Language Test

You speak Japanese. But you may not be able to write Japanese.You need to pass the Japanese test in order to become Japanese. However, having perfect documentation may allow you to bypass the test. Please leave it to us.

Stable life and annual income

Students can not be naturalized. False refugees can not be naturalized either. stable life. In other words, you should have a stable job. Even pensioners can be naturalized if their lives are stable.

Tax and pension

All taxes must be paid. And you should also pay the pension. You also have to pay attention to the number of dependents. You should check with a professional.

About the length of stay

You need to live in Japan for at least 5 years. Three out of five years should be a work visa. (Except for permanent residents and Japanese spouses)

ask us

Consider the significance of naturalization. This is not an easy thing. The documents to prepare will be huge. And, the most important thing is to make a 【Motivating letter】 You can try it yourself, but most people give up on the way. Please leave it to a specialist like us.

about fee

1 time payment
¥ 200,000
  • and tax.

If you are an employer, 20,000 to 50,000 yen will be added because the documents will be complicated.

professional members