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We are not the cheapest immigration lawyers. If you are just looking for a cheap immigration lawyer, don’t contact us. There are cheap immigration lawyers all over the place. They want a job, so please contact them. You are free to make decisions.

First of all, we want you to think about. Status of residence is very important to you. As long as you stay in Japan, this is important next to your life. Such important things should not be decided by the amount of money.

For example, some say that they want permanent residence. Then they come and tell us. There is an immigration law office cheaper than you.

So what? Of course, we know that. We are not fighting for the price but for the content of our work. We create documents that are more polite and accurate than any other immigration lawyer. And at least three people confirm it. Then we apply.

Furthermore, we do not use a fixed format. Cheap immigration lawyers use a fixed format. They don’t care who you are. They will reuse the fixed format for similar projects. In other words, only the name is rewritten. Therefore, the application often fails. What’s more, because they handle the case alone, no one even points out if it is wrong.

Still, are you concerned only with the low price?

Well, how many people fail to do so and return home every day? Please think about it.

OK, let’s be honest. We fix cases where cheap immigration lawyers fail. and we are sick of it. Please keep in mind only this. Once failed, it is difficult to fix it. It gets harder and harder. It takes a lot of effort to fix it. So the price will be higher. so this means You should have asked us from the beginning.

Cheap is good. surely. But there is a reason that it is cheap.

For example, Made in Japan is expensive but high-performance.
Made in China is cheap but has low performance. And it will need to be repaired soon. It’s the same thing. However, the status of residence is not a car or an electronic device. It has a direct effect on your stable life.

Let’s give some advice to you last. If you are still asking a cheap immigration lawyer, check the following 4 points.

1: Which university did you graduate from?
2: Are you from the law department?
3: How many years have you been doing this work?
4: Do you have a license?


* Do not ask someone who has not graduated from university for your important issues.  They are equivalent to mere messengers. * If he is not a law department, he cannot handle difficult cases. * There is a possibility that it is cheap because the experience point is not enough. * This is not joking. there is the case that you have been talked with him or her 6month. but he was just a part-time office worker with no license. and you never know it. sure it’s cheap.

Good decision and the right decision are pretty different. For your better future. We will do our best for you. Thank you.


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