Benefits of permanent residence

You do not have to worry about the period of stay

The normal status of residence has a deadline. You must renew each time. However, when you acquire permanent residence you do not need to renew.

There is no job restriction

There is a fine rule on working visas, but you can do whatever you do if you gain permanent residency. Of course you can also do your own business.

Your social credit will be higher.

In many cases, you can borrow money from a bank to purchase real estate. You can also make a credit card with a high status.
If you acquire permanent residence rights, your social credibility will increase at once.

Your business will be easier

For example, when a foreigner starts a business, there is a requirement such as “Capital 5 million yen or more must be prepared” or “It is a business that has a scale to hire two or more full-time employees” .However, if you are a permanent resident, the above requirements are unnecessary. You can start up as soon as Japanese do.

Good for your family

Spouse of permanent resident has no restrictions on employment. Also, if that child was born in Japan, it will be a spouse etc of a permanent resident.
There is no employment restriction for spouses and children. This is a big advantage.

It is okay if there is a change in the status

For example, let’s consider a case where your status of residence is a Japanese spouse or the like.
If you get divorced or deceased with your spouse, you have to return to your home country or change to a work visa or Long term visa within 6 months.
But, if you are a permanent resident, such worries are unnecessary. You can legally stay in Japan.

Legal requirements


第二十二条 在留資格を変更しようとする外国人で永住者の在留資格への変更を希望するものは、法務省令で定める手続により、法務大臣に対し永住許可を申請しなければならない。
2 前項の申請があつた場合には、法務大臣は、その者が次の各号に適合し、かつ、その者の永住が日本国の利益に合すると認めたときに限り、これを許可することができる。ただし、その者が日本人、永住許可を受けている者又は特別永住者の配偶者又は子である場合においては、次の各号に適合することを要しない。
一 素行が善良であること。
二 独立の生計を営むに足りる資産又は技能を有すること。
3 法務大臣は、前項の許可をする場合には、入国審査官に、当該許可に係る外国人に対し在留カードを交付させるものとする。この場合において、その許可は、当該在留カードの交付のあつた時に、その効力を生ずる。


Approximately 30% of foreign residents in Japan have already acquired permanent residency rights.

In order to get permanent residence, as a first requirement, you must be a good person.

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How much annual income is needed?
If you are single, roughly 3 million yen. If it is lower than this, the permission rate becomes extremely low.

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Does your presence benefit Japan?

Do you have an identity guarantor?

success rate

Permanent residency acquisition success rate

Life in Japan rate 97.6%
General permission rate 60%

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About permission for permanent residence.
In Article 22 of the Immigration Control Act, Regarding the legal requirements of permission for permanent residence,

1 Goodness requirements,
2 Independent livelihood requirements,
3 National interest requirement

There are only three descriptions. However, in practice this alone is not allowed.

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