Acceptance situation of Highly Skilled Professionals


Depending on the characteristics of each activity, set points for each item such as "educational background", "employment history" and "annual income".
Foreign nationals who totaled more than 70 points will be certified as highly skilled foreign talent.
The government has taken preferential treatment on immigration control for highly skilled foreign talent.

※ 高度人材ポイント制とは,日本の経済成長等に貢献することが期待されている高度な能力や資質を持つ外国人を対象に,

  1. 「高度学術研究活動」
  2. 「高度専門・技術活動」
  3. 「高度経営・管理活動」



Please check the graph below. In 2012, there were only 12 certifications. In 2017, five years later, 10572 cases have been certified.
As the "future investment strategy", the government says it will certify 20000 people by 2022.

We can confirm. Whether you are a high skill professional or not.
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