status of residence

Guideline of Status of residence (excerpt from ‘’Entry Procedure’’ of Immigration Bureau of Japan) for Certificate of Eligibility system

「The Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act stipulates that for cases in which a foreigner intends to enter Japan with a status of residence other than “Temporary Visitor,” the Minister of Justice shall examine beforehand the whether said foreigner meets the conditions of landing relating to the status of residence based on said foreigner’s application; in the case that the relevant requirements are met, said Minister can issue a certificate stating such (application for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility). The document issued is known as a Certificate of Eligibility. This goal of this Certificate of Eligibility system is to simplify/expedite immigration inspection procedures and make them more efficient.

A Certificate of Eligibility is issued after the Minister of Justice examines whether or not the activities that a foreigner wishing to enter Japan intends to carry out within the country meet the conditions of landing (the requirements of: relevance of status of residence / compatibility with landing criteria) and acknowledges that said activities met said conditions. Note that even if it has been acknowledged that the intended activities of a foreigner are relevant to the status of residence and meet landing criteria, if it has been deemed that grounds for denial of landing are applicable to said foreigner or that he/she otherwise does not meet the conditions for landing, a Certificate of Eligibility will not be issued.


If a foreigner presents a Certificate of Eligibility at a Japanese consulate, etc. when applying for a visa, the case can be handled on the basis that the prior examination by the Minister of Justice regarding the conditions for landing concerning the status of residence has already been completed. Thus, inspections pertaining to visa issuance can be performed quickly.


Additionally, a foreigner who presents this Certificate at the port of entry or departure will be treated by the immigration inspector as having met the landing conditions relating to the status of residence, so landing inspection will also be simple and can be performed quickly.」


Visa Categories Application for Certificate of Eligibility


Employment Visas

1Professor (Professor in college or universities)

2Artist (Musician, Creator and other performers)

3 Religious Activities (pastor, monk and man or women coming for religious activities in foreign organizations)

4 Journalist (free journalist and others in foreign media organizations)

5 Business manager/Investor

6 Legal/Accounting Services (Attorney/ Accountants/ Other specialists with other legal certificates)

7 Medical Services (Doctor/Nurses/Dentists/Day-care services and others medical activities

8 Researcher (researcher working with public or private organizations)

9 Education (Teacher in a junior high or a high school and other educational institutions)

10Engineer /Specialist in Humanities/International Services (Workers in the fields of engineering or science, interpreter, designer and other businessman or businesswoman)

11 Intra-Company Transfer (Transferee from a foreign company and others)

12Caregiver (Caregiver specialist with a certificate)

13 Entertainment (Actor, Singer, dancer, professional athletes and other foreign performers playing in Japan)

14 Skilled labor (Chef, persons who cook in restaurant, Sports instructor, Piloting aircrafts and technicians of metals, etc)

15 Technical Intern Training Program (foreign trainees under the recognition and instructions of organizations in Japan)


Visas of Student/ Cultural Activities/Technical Internship

16 Cultural Activities (Researcher of Japanese culture and other activities)

17 Student (University, college, short-term college (community college), High School and technical school)

18 Dependent (spouses or Children staying with man or women receiving the working visa) 

19 Trainee (people learning skills or knowledge in private or public organizations)

20Designated Activities (Housekeepers for diplomats, amateurs of sports and the family members, Internship, people staying for medical treatments, long-Term staying people for the purpose of sightseeing)


Visa of Spouse or Child of Japanese nationals/ Spouse of Permanent Residents/ Lon Term Residents

21 Spouse or Child of Japanese nationals (People who are engaged with Japanese)

22 Spouse of Permanent Residents (People who are engaged with men or women of a permanent visa

23 Long Term Residents (people of Japanese blood relatives, people who care for children of Japanese nationals, divorced people and people who were exiled from the oppression of the country and etc)


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1  「教授」(例,大学教授)
2  「芸術」(例,作曲家,画家,著述家等)
3  「宗教」(例,外国の宗教団体から派遣される宣教師等)
4  「報道」(例,外国の報道機関の記者,カメラマン)
5  「経営・管理」(例,企業等の経営者,管理者)
6  「法律・会計業務」(例,弁護士,公認会計士等)
7  「医療」(例,医師,歯科医師,看護士等)
8  「研究」(例,政府関係機関や私企業等の研究者等)
9  「教育」(例,中学校,高等学校等の語学教師等)
10  「技術・人文知識・国際業務」(例,機械工学等の技術者,通訳,デザイナー,私企業の語学教師等)
11  「企業内転勤」(例,外国の事業所からの転勤者)
12  「介護」(例,介護福祉士)
13  「興行」(例,俳優,歌手,ダンサー,プロスポーツ選手等)
14  「技能」(例,外国料理の調理師,スポーツ指導者,航空機等の操縦者,貴金属等の加工職人等)
15  「技能実習」(例,技能実習生 ※技能実習1~3号イ及びロ,いずれも共通)


16  「文化活動」(例,日本文化の研究者等)
17  「留学」(例,大学,短期大学,高等学校,専修学校等の学生)
18  「家族滞在」(例,在留外国人が扶養する配偶者又は子)
19  「研修」(例,実務作業を伴わない研修生)
20  「特定活動」(例,外交官等の家事使用人,アマチュアスポーツ選手及びその家族,インターンシップ,特定研究活動,特定情報処理活動,医療滞在,観光目的等の長期滞在者等)


21  「日本人の配偶者等」(例:日本人の方の夫又は妻,実子,特別養子)
22  「永住者の配偶者等」(例:永住者の方の夫又は妻)
23  「定住者」(例:日系3世)