why us?

We not only help you with the process of obtaining your visa status, but we also help your dreams come true in Japan.

Japan is a wonderful country. Currently, there are 2.47 million foreign residents living in Japan, with even more expected to reside here in the near future. Would you like to live in Japan? You might work in a company, start your own business, and go to school or college. Or, you might find the love of your life and get married in Japan.

Why people choose us?

That’s simply because we’re the best.
Certainly, there are many immigration lawyers’ offices in Japan. Some of them may good offices. However, good choices and correct choices are different. As a professional in immigration law and as a professional in immigration administrative procedures, we have dealt with many difficult cases. We can handle even difficult cases that other offices can’t handle. In the past, we have allowed many cases of cases that have been disallowed by other offices. We are in charge of all cases in two professionals. We don’t use template text. Carefully investigate each case and create a perfectly legal document. We are not cheap immigration lawyers. We are the perfect immigration lawyers. If you have a difficult case and think you cannot afford to fail, please contact us. We will welcome you as our friend and solve the problem.