Technical Visa

Technical Visa

Technical visa, which is called as “Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services visa” in Japan, is categorized in the field of science. It is one of the visas which engages in the business of techniques or knowledge you say that science of visa. If engaged in science and engineering for the field of science, engineering and other natural sciences. It might be expected whether you have the suitability of the status of residence and the criteria for the permission of the landing. This visa is scrutinized by strict judgement.



  1. Software engineer
  2. Research and development, analysis and structural designs-related business in Public works or Construction
  3. CAD or system analysis of CAE, technical support or development business-related business
  4. Information security-related business


  • Like other working visas, technical visa is judged by the suitability of the criteria for the permission of landing.


Criteria of the Permission of Landing (Ordinance)

  1. As for the duties in which the applicant intends to engage, the applicant must be acquired the skill or the knowledge, graduating from university after majored in a subject relating to the skills or knowledge and having acquired an education equivalent or going through at least over 10 years' practical experience (“including the period during which the applicant majored in a subject relating to the skills or knowledge at a university, technical school, senior high school, a course of study in the second half of a course of study at a school for secondary education or a specialized course of study at a vocational school”). To receive a reward equal to or more than the amount receive for the Japanese to engage.
  2. To receive a reward that is equal to or more than when Japanese receive.


  • Simple labor is not classified with the status of residence related to the technology visa.


Examples of the field of science. engineering and other natural science

Mathematical Sciences, Physical Sciences, chemistry, biological sciences, anthropology, geology science, geography, geophysics, science education, statistics, information science, nuclear science, Foundation engineering, applied physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, Computer science, civil engineering, architecture, Metallurgy, applied chemistry, resource development engineering, naval architecture, Instrumentation and control engineering, chemical engineering, aerospace engineering, nuclear engineering, engineering management, agricultural science, agricultural chemistry, Silviculture, fisheries science, agriculture economics, agricultural engineering, animal science, veterinary medicine, Sericulture, home economics, regional agriculture, Synthetic agricultural science, physiological science, pathological science, General medical science, surgical science, social medicine, dentistry, such as medicine science,






  1. ソフトウェアエンジニア
  2. 土木及び建築における研究開発・解析・構造設計関連業務
  3. CAD及びCAEのシステム解析、テクニカルサポート及び開発業務
  4. 情報セキュリティー関連 など


  • 他の就労ビザ同様、技術ビザについても上陸許可基準適合性が求められます。



  1. 従事しようとする業務について、これに必要な技術若しくは知識に係る科目を専攻して大学を卒業し若しくはこれと同等以上の教育を受け又は10年以上の実務経験(大学、高等専門学校、高等学校、中等教育学校の後期課程又は専修学校の課程において当該技術又は知識に係る科目を専攻した期間を含む。)により、当該技術若しくは知識を修得していること。
  2. 日本人が従事する場合に受ける報酬と同等額以上の報酬を受けること。


  • 単純労働は技術ビザの在留資格に該当しません。