Consultation that student visa can not be renewed


We would like to talk a bit about our recent feelings. Recently, one of the most frequent consultations is that” I could not renew my student visa.”

And most of the reason is overwork.

Most unauthorized cases are self-application. Or it is the result of believing in a stupid story of a person like your community's boss. Anyway it is a result of hesitating a little remuneration to an Immigration lawyer.

The examination by the Immigration Bureau is getting more and more strict. You really should know.

Just because you did not have a problem before, next time is not the same.

In the first place, compliance with laws is the basis. If you want to work more than that, you can obtain individual permission. (Please talk to us about this.)
However, even if you overwork, what if there was a reason? In this case, you should create a reason document. But, most people do not know how to write this document and cannot write well. And, although you are in an illegal state, you apply and you will not be permitted.

Then, after being stamped on 30 days' departure order stamp in your passport, you should understand that your status is in a bad situation. We worry that you may fall down in a panic and if so, you need to consult an Immigration lawyer. We strive to solve the problem, but as you have not prepared for anything at first application, it will be a very difficult matter. If you consulted us from the beginning, it may not have been a big problem.

Stability of your status of residence is the most important thing.

Stability of your status of residence is more important than money. If you cannot stay, you cannot study or work part-time. After all, if you decide to consult an Immigration lawyer, it is better to do so from the beginning. That way, we offer a low cost and the success rate is high. Please consult us at the early stage, especially if you are overworking.