What is business visa?

Business manager visa is in principle the status of residence to obtain when foreign nationals manage their own business after establish company in Japan and when carry out their own management with the investment for the business when manage their business.

The relevance

  1. The activities in Japan that you engage in the business and its management after you start his or her business.
  2. The activities that you engage in participating in the business you already run, managing the business or the management of the business.
  3. The activities in Japan that you engage in running or managing the business on behalf of those who run the business in this country including the corporate.

Example: President, Board of Directors, auditors, general managers, factory managers, and branch managers.

The priority of business manager visa, different from other working visas, has no limitation to business area. So, you can also start any kinds of business in Japan. Your own company can expand a variety of business without any particular limitation. On the other hand, this visa has also been observed only for those who have been acquired business manager visa can invite foreign maid together. It should be noted that the Board of Directors who is not related to those who execute the business (such as a formal executive and temporary executive director) is not a business management visa, and is able to apply for the visa of Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services.


  • The establishment of Company premised on Business Manager Visa

As for the acquisition of the investor business manager visa (currently, business manager visa since April on 2015), the establishment registration of a company is not a required. So, you can legally obtain business manager visa even if you are a self-employer, but in fact, if the condition of the business manager visa is totally considered such as the proof of investment amount, it make sense or common that you apply for the investor business manager visa after start your company and acquire legal entity.

In Japan, there are four types of companies referred to “Company Limited”, “partnership”, “joint-stock company” “Limited Liability Company” under the Companies Act. We can offer the idea about what types of your business activities are suitable for. We support the establishment of your company.


  • Investment in Japanese only

If you only have the investment of Japanese or Japanese corporation, it is impossible for you to obtain the investor business manager visa. It is the foreign companies that the investor management visa is assumed. In this case, we consider the visa of Engineer / Specialist in Humanities / International Services






  1. 日本において事業の経営を開始してその経営を行い又はその事業の管理に従事する活動
  2. 日本において既に営まれている事業に参画してその経営を行い又はその事業の管理に従事する活動
  3. 法人を含む日本において事業の経営を行っている者に代わってその経営を行い又はその事業の管理に従事する活動




  • 経営管理ビザの前提となる会社設立




  • 日本人しか出資していない場合