Sasamine Yusuke


Sasamine Yusuke

  • 早稲田大学法学部中退
  • 行政書士
  • 東京入国管理局承認申請取次

Our society is shaping itself to meet the needs of our rapidly changing world. While times are challenging, we are keeping our heads up and working toward a better future, knowing that everything depends on us as individuals. Japan has just begun to accept policies that bring in human resources like foreign students and highly skilled business people. Immigrants are crucial for Japan’s future.

However, living in Japan, you may be puzzled by our cultural issues. It might be difficult to recognize the real Japan if you don’t spend time in the proper living environment.

So how can you be comfortable living in Japan? Remember, you have to face the issues of jobs, housing, family, socializing and legal systems.

With our legal perspectives, we would like to help people who emigrate to Japan to see how beautiful this country is.


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