Ono Keisuke


Ono Keisuke

  • ニューヨーク州立大学ジャーナリズム学部卒
  • 行政書士事務所事務員

I have experience working at the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, where I was an inspector of visa documents, and have interacted with visa applicants from all over the world.

At the office, you will wait long hours for your visa processing — whether that means filing an extension, changing your status, etc. I have seen many people have to come back for extra documents, people who don’t understand how to fill out the visa application in Japanese, and people who don’t know they have overstayed their visa.   

For your visa application processing, you will need to submit numerous and specific Japanese-translated documents to the office. This is a stressful and frustrating process every time you do it.

We will take responsibility for your visa processing instead of you. We are also available for consultation after you receive your visa status. We are here to help you because we want you to live comfortably in Japan. If you think you want to live in Japan, let us know what you need. We are ready to consult and fully support you. Please feel free to contact us.