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    According to a book published by a former immigration director, more than 90% of the applications for spouse visas are false. Your marriage is suspected of being faked by them. Don’t forget it. Therefore, we must carefully record the details and prove that your marriage is true. You’ll find it annoying. But we interview you with some pretty detailed things. It’s all for visas. Please understand. Please answer this by the spouse of the applicant.

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    2018.4-2020.3 abc Japanese language school
    2020.4-2021.7 good Co., Ltd.
    2021.8- Job hunting

    Enter biography about your after high school

    Tell us how you and your spouse met.
    Please write in detail as it is better to have detailed information in the application.

    The dayo of first meeting

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    How did you get to know your spouse?

    Memorable Episode

    Memorable Episode

    What do you like about your partner?

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    The day you proposed

    Where did you propose and how you felt.


    The place you held a wedding ceremony,

    Language issue

    Marriage history

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    Travel history

    For an applicant answering in Yes

    Provide information on the two witnesses who signed your marriage registration in Japan.

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